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If you’ve been on the gallery yesterday and today you would have noticed an update to Bleach. Namely, since the series has now completed another anime-only arc and finally switched back to the main story, I’ve moved all the albums that relate to the previous arc over to the archived section of the gallery. In doing this I didn’t label the last two episodes of that arc (341-342) but will get that done soon. I’ve now added 3 screencapped episodes for the new arc and am pleased that Bleach is completely up to date, with the screencapped episode 345 only being released for download last night. Of course we’ll just overlook the fact that I’m still behind with the other series… >_> But I’m hoping to get them up to date some time soon. I do have Fate/Zero capped but not culled yet for ep 3 and am waiting on a copy of ep 4 to be available for capping before I put them up. Can’t guarantee when they’ll be up but you’ll know about it.

Enjoy the Bleach update ^_^

Anime TV Bleach – 2206 screencaps (Eps 341-345)

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Well yes it is about time that I posted an update. As per my last lot of Twitters I did do a lot of updating for Bleach and Naruto but failed to post anything about it so this time I’m not forgetting.

Its another quickie, though I did post titles for the new series added to the gallery, I still left Naruto and Bleach alone though I have rearranged the Naruto Gallery and moved a group of albums into the archived section. I’ll spend the week updating each album with their proper titles. Also you may notice (or not) that the “Latest Albums” images at the top of the page have smaller view numbers under them. Some weird thing that has happend in this latest upgrade so I’m still working on that but its not a major problem that affects your viewing pleasure. If there are weird things happening with the gallery please let me know.

Newly added to the gallery is Fate/Zero, which has just started airing in Japan. Newly removed from the gallery is Sket Dance due to it exceeding 25 episodes and possibly reaching 50 or more… no word yet on how big that series is but its already listed up to episode 33 so its going to be big anyway. Apologies if you were looking forward to me updating that series. Fate/Zero has been confirmed as being only 25 episodes long so that’s not a problem (despite me not updating Ao no Exorcist which is also 25 episodes long).

Anyway, enjoy the update – not sure when the next one will be.

Anime TV Bleach – 1213 screencaps (Eps 338-340)
Anime TV Fate/Zero – 884 screencaps (Eps 01-02)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 1287 screencaps (Eps 226-228)

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Ao no Exorcist has been updated with 7 episodes. I’ve had to re-download raws for this series as most of them were mp4 format and at the moment both my PCs can only screencap mkv formatted files (I can view mp4 files, the program I run however won’t screencap from mp4 files). I’ll continue to try and update this series when I next get the chance.

Naruto Shippuuden has been updated with 5 episodes. These were not taken from raws but from subbed files that were both matroska format and soft-subbed (so no subs appear). Raws have begun reappearing for Naruto which is a good thing so hopefully they’ll continue coming. Again, I will update this series when I next get the chance.

As mentioned previously, updates are going to be erratic since its hard to find the time to get screencaps completed but please note – I still update, it just may take some time now but the updates WILL happen. Just remember its only one person doing all this!

Enjoy the update, and thanks for your patience ^_^

Anime TV Ao no Exorcist – 3056 screencaps (Eps 03-09)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 1827 screencaps (Eps 216-220)

PS: Forgot to mention – no titles for the individual images have been posted. Yes this will get updated eventually but for now its quicker to get the files up without having to delay the update further by titling every individual image uploaded.

Animay News Header - Bleach 012

Just uploaded the latest two episodes, so Bleach is now up to date. Working on the others, again, not sure when the next update will be as updates are likely to be erratic.

Anime TV Bleach – 993 screencaps (Eps 331-332)

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