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I’d like to announce the opening of the Animay Classic Gallery! Unfortunately its not finished but since I’ve been behind my game with updating the regular Screencaps Gallery I figured I’d open this up now.

So what is Animay Classic Gallery? Basically I just called it that, but the series are not necessarily ‘classic’ as they may have aired not long ago. However, they are completed series and not series in progress which is why I just decided I’d call them all “Classic”. To start it off, I’ve added four complete series. They have been screencapped and uploaded for a while, it was mainly me having the time to go through all 31,034 screencaps and add titles to them! This got behind and I thought “Heck, I’ll just open up the gallery rather than waiting any longer!” So the gallery has opened with only a few episodes titled and the rest are all blank (the albums are titled, just not the individual screencaps). When will I title them? I don’t know just yet but I’ll post up about that here. Also please note that the Classics Gallery is not a gallery that will be updated on a ‘regular’ basis like the Screencaps gallery ie I’m not going to throw up a completed series every week! When I get a new “Classic” series screencapped, I’ll put it up but this could be very, very irregular.

So what is on the gallery menu today?

Animay Classic: Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch – 10,903 screencaps
Animay Classic: K-On! – 6,433 screencaps
Animay Classic: Sengoku Basara – 5,763 screencaps
Animay Classic: Trinity Blood – 7,935 screencaps

Note: Code Geass, K-On! and Sengoku Basara are screencapped from Blu-Ray DVDs at 1920×1080; Trinity Blood was screencapped from DVDs at 1280×720 so you may notice there’s a difference in quality between TB and the others.


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  • Kate says:

    You really don’t know how much I love you! I was looking for Trinity Blood screencaps for quite some time and now I find them here. I respect all your hard work and thank you.

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