Yeah that’s right, according to the Artbook Bleach: All Color But The Black, Ichigo indeed has Orande hair.. not orange, orande!!!

All that aside, I’ve uploaded some more scans from that artbook, and I also discovered just how dopey I am and that nobody commented on the mistake (or if they did I didn’t catch it!). The scan from the Bleach 2008 Calendar (B-Type) of Ulquiorra was backwards! I only just realised it when I looked at the image and then looked up at the calendar on the wall So I’ve re-uploaded it properly. For all those who downloaded it and realised the mistake (and hopefully turned it around) I apologise, I should have realised it the moment I uploaded it!

Calendars – Bleach 2008 Type B – 1 scan re-uploaded
Artbooks – BLEACH Illustration Collection: All Color But The Black – 6 scans

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