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Obviously it was a FAIL because it didn’t happen *sigh* And I have no excuses once again. However this doesn’t mean a second “Mass Update” isn’t going to happen, its just going to take a little longer than I meant it too. And wouldn’t you know it, April is here and so are the new series!!! So for me that’s kind of a big hint to get moving on finishing off some of the older galleries before moving onto the newer ones.

And thankfully today is a minor update day with the completion of another gallery (woohoo!). Kuroshitsuji is over (awww) and the gallery is now finally completed. You will have noticed last week that I did some changes to the gallery itself. With having a lot of completed galleries it kind of makes the page get longer and longer, so they’ve been moved into a sub-section of the gallery to at least make the main page of the gallery a little smaller and easier to navigate (I hope). So when you head over to the gallery, you’ll see that Kuroshitsuji is not on the main index of the gallery, it will be located under the “Completed Galleries” and then “Anime Series” section.

And since April is here and new series have started airing already (they come out too fast to keep up!) I’ve uploaded some new opening clips for you to check out! Its been a while since I did that but I’m back on it again. Only four at this stage as some new series don’t have an opening on the first ep (most likely will be there on the second) and others didn’t come out too good, probably due to the raw either in poor quality or just incompatible software.

Don’t forget, now that the new season is underway in Japan, if you want any of the new series to be screencapped, now is the time to let me know while raws are still fresh.

Anime TV Kuroshitsuji – 1382 screencaps (Eps 21-24) (Complete)
Movie Clips Asura Cryin’ – opening clip
Movie Clips Dragonball Kai – opening clip
Movie Clips Fullmetal Alchemist (2009) – opening clip
Movie Clips K-on! – opening clip

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