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The screencaps for eps 10 and 11 of Neo Angelique Abyss ~Second Age~ were already loaded up but not yet in the gallery. As I was shifting a few things around in the Screencaps gallery I thought I’d get these organised too so that’s the only update today. A further update will occur over the weekend. You’ll notice a change in the Screencaps Gallery too – I’ve shifted all the galleries that are completed to the bottom, so all galleries that are still being updated are at the top. The Anime Movies category is kind of an in-between gallery as the movies loaded are completed but there are always more coming so its placed in between the two sections.

At the moment I’ve got episode 12 of Neo Angelique 2 to screencap and there should only be one more episode before that gallery is completed. The same goes with Code Geass R2 – I have ep 24 to screencap and over the weekend they should be airing the final ep. Only Kyou Kara Maou is holding things up! If no raws appear for that series over the next couple of weeks then it may get shifted. On the other hand if the fansubbed versions I have of the series are soft-subbed then I may be able to update that gallery after all. We’ll see how things go first.

Less than a week to go before new anime series begin, woohoo!!

Anime TV Neo Angelique Abyss ~Second Age~ – 223 screencaps (Eps 10-11)

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