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Well I kept my promise.. at least half of it anyway. New screencaps for Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach are up on the gallery. I did start uploading another series screencaps but its getting late and I’m stil zonked from yesterday (and today too). I will try (but no promises) to get some other series up before the end of the week.

Anime TV Bleach - 148 screencaps (Ep 150)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 215 screencaps (Ep 036-037)

Well he didn’t die but he didn’t exactly last too long in the series either. I guess that’s what happens when you’re part of a filler arc?? Anyway his role is over for now and its back to the team and their attempt to rescue Orihime.

Sai continues mouthing off at Naruto and now he’s included Sakura in his tirade. Naruto admits that Sasuke is pretty cool, and we learn just how dangerous Naruto is when consumed by Kyubi’s power. This week is a one hour special! I’ll try and get that one up as quickly as possible.

Anime TV Bleach - 155 screencaps (Ep 149)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 159 screencaps (Ep 035)

In the latest episode of Bleach, we meet the extremely hot Ashido, a former shinigami that has been living in the Menos Forest for over a hundred years! We also learn that Hollow masks seem to be impervious to Cero attacks, which is probably why Ashido has them all over his ‘cape’ and wears one for a mask. Here’s hoping they don’t kill him off…

And in Naruto, Sai unleashes the first of his many insults with Naruto copping the first one. I’m looking forward to many more insults from Sai to his team mates!

I’ll try and do another update over the weekend if I get the time.

Anime TV Bleach - 162 screencaps (Ep 148)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 172 screencaps (Ep 034)

For the first time in all of Animay’s history, we have completed a series. Is that amazing or what?! Devil May Cry has been screencapped in full. Granted, its a short series so it didn’t take long (though that’s ironic since the series finished a while ago now) to be completed, but it is the truth that there has never before been a completed gallery for one series on this site.

But you’re not interested in that right? You just want some Naruto right? Okay no worries, I’ve uploaded it too along with the latest Bleach episode. It feels like a very long day after uploading all those episodes at once but I’m just glad its over and there’s actually a completed series on the site.

More stuff coming.. sometime… this week. I promise!

Anime TV Bleach – 159 screencaps (Ep 147)
Anime TV Clannad – 156 screencaps (Ep 04)
Anime TV Devil May Cry – 752 screencaps (Eps 7-12) (Series complete)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 175 screencaps (Ep 033)

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