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Well I guess I had to figure there would be problems with a move to a new server.

While I was getting the update organised I ran into a few issues on the server. I think this is because the gallery was previously disabled by my host prior to it being moved across to the new dedicated server. Its been fixed now but I ran out of time to do the update tonight. The images are all there but there’s one thing missing – Titles. I have not put titles up for every new screencap added tonight. There are titles on the albums, but not on each image. This saved me considerable time in getting the update done (took me 10 minutes to update after all the problems were fixed). Of course I know you all voted for me to add titles to each screencap but I will have to do this later.

Also, if you haven’t seen it, there’s a big “Please Donate” button on the right-side menu. Feel free to donate (optional of course) to the server if you wish.

In doing tonight’s update I did something a little different. The new 4th Bleach Movie is almost here (well in Japan) so they started promoting it on the last episode. I’ve taken the screencaps that came off of my usual run and have put them up on the gallery. They have titles and logos over them but there’s not a lot I can do about that because they did come from the opening/closing credits of Episode 298. When the movie comes out on DVD next year, and raws are produced, you can be assured I will screencap it ^_^

Oh and one final thing – Episode 298 of Bleach is obviously a filler episode. So I’ve decided to break up this arc and have moved all of these episodes (266-297) into the Archived section. I think Episode 299 is also a filler ep, but Episode 300 returns to the story. I’m going to make an executive decision that Episode 300 starts off the “Deicide” arc but I may be wrong. I can move things around later if that ends up being the case!

Enjoy the update!

Anime TV Bleach - 380 screencaps (Ep 298)
Anime TV Hakuouki: Hekketsu-roku – 390 screencaps (Ep 08)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 891 screencaps (Eps 187-188 (double-ep))
Anime Movies Bleach Movie 4 Promo – 144 screencaps

Apologies for the gallery downtime earlier today. There was a bit of a glitch with the database but its fixed now. I know the site has been loading slowly occasionally and I think that’s a server issue which is out of my hands. Hopefully it won’t continue for too long.

Well you’ve all voted in the poll and its unanimous – you would like me to continue to put the episode title on each screencap posted. I was kind of hoping you’d be fine with me putting the episode title on the album only, but if you want me to keep going the way I’m going then that’s fair enough. So basically nothing will change lol.

Enjoy this week’s update ^_^

Animay TV Bleach - 354 screencaps (Ep 297)
Animay TV Hakuouki: Hekketsu-roku – 416 screencaps (Ep 07)
Animay TV Naruto Shippuuden – 350 screencaps (Ep 186)
Animay TV Togainu no Chi – 355 screencaps (Ep 06)

Sorry about being late with this update but problems galore happened last week. I have caught up with the usual series updates and hope to be back on track again. I did mention a while back that I was coming into the busy, silly season so updates may be affected.

You may have noticed last week that I put up a Projects section. Here you can view series that I’m currently screencapping and what I will screencap in the future. More will be added including an archived section.

Now speaking of screencapping, I’ve put up a poll which you can find in the menu on the right. This poll will only last until Monday but I need your input. Tonight I put up 3,354 images into the Screencaps Gallery. Every single one of them I had to manually add the Episode title to. Every single one! This ultimately makes the updates take a heck of a lot longer than they should but I’ve never seen a mod that can mass add titles to each image within an album so its all manually done. The poll is questioning whether or not you would miss seeing the episode title on each image or not. Now the good side of having these is when you are viewing images in the gallery and you see what other people have been viewing, you can see which episode it comes from. I don’t know if it reverts to the album name if there is no episode title, but you will notice that the most recent updated albums in each category have an album description now, which is essentially the episode title. The choice is yours in regards to whether the episode title remains or not. Basically if you guys say it remains, then so be it, updates will take anywhere from 2-3 hours pending how many episodes I’m updating. If you say no its fine without a title, then updates should only take about half an hour to do. If you choose the latter option, I won’t be going through every episode of each series and deleting their episode titles, the new process of not adding titles will essentially start from the next update which is why the poll will finish early next week. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me.

Animay TV Bleach - 845 screencaps (Eps 295-296)
Animay TV Hakuouki: Hekketsu-roku – 776 screencaps (Eps 05-06)
Animay TV Naruto Shippuuden – 906 screencaps (Eps 184-185)
Animay TV Togainu no Chi – 827 screencaps (Eps 04-05)

Well with this title I guess you could say this update is on time lol.

The regular update is a little bit earlier – well just by a day – but I’m late with updating Togainu no Chi, and behind with that series as well. The raws come out really late for this series for some reason so its not on par with the other series. At least it has been updated!

Enjoy the update ^_^

Anime TV Bleach - 302 screencaps (Ep 294)
Anime TV Hakuouki: Hekketsu-roku – 368 screencaps (Ep 04)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 437 screencaps (Ep 183)
Anime TV Togainu no Chi – 787 screencaps (Eps 02-03)

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