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I spent pretty much the entire day just trying to scan in one image. Yes that’s right ONE FRIGGIN IMAGE!!! Okay well the problem is it wouldn’t scan properly – I’m pretty finnicky when it comes to this stuff though admittedly at times I end up saying enough’s enough and just release what I think is close enough to being good enough for me. Anyway, I tried to fix this image up due mostly to the slight creases in the page. If you hang the image up you would not know there are creases there, these are just minor bumps that are pretty much invisible unless you manage to get the light reflecting in the right spot to see them. Unfortunately the scanner picks up all the creases and bumps and tends to reflect light back onto the image, creating light and dark spots all over it. I messed around in photoshop to try and fix it up but alas, there’s just too many and they’re too severe to fix, no matter what tricks I applied. I even tried ironing the ruddy image!!! So basically due to one image failing miserably to scan in properly, I won’t be uploading one calendar. Don’t worry, its not Bleach nor Naruto though I thought it would be nice to have something different.

Speaking of Naruto, jeebus the B-type calendar is MASSIVE!!!! The normal calendars usually take about 6-8 scans to scan in each page entirely – this one is most likely going to be 8-12 scans for each page! I’m trying to keep it as flat as possible before I begin to scan it in. The two Bleach calendars look awesome this year, better than my 2007 one (which I will continue to scan and upload before I do the 2008 ones) and the second Naruto calendar is pretty awesome as well.

Anyway the main point of this little note was that the screencaps got delayed due to me stuffing around with scanning one image… so they’ll be up tomorrow night and I’ll start working on those scans. (Screencaps will be Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, Gundam & Clannad).

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