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I promised I’d get Uraboku up to date and I’ve done that! Kind of… I have not done the latest episode (16) as I haven’t got the raw yet but hopefully that will be rectified soon.

And yes, there will still be a regular update on the weekend. ^_^


Anime TV Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru – 2119 screencaps (Eps 10-15)

Well we’re going from a Mass Update to a Small one! I did mention that I’d do an update this weekend and here it is. Currently I’m still working on catching up with Uraboku and hopefully will have that up next weekend along with a ‘regular’ update. I am also working on other screencaps too so there is possibly going to be another Mass Update but it won’t be ready anytime soon.


Anime TV Bleach - 341 screencaps (Ep 280)
Anime TV Kuroshitsuji II – 500 screencaps (Ep 04)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 361 screencaps (Ep 169)

Well this mass update took quite a while to undertake. I ran into a problem with the gallery upload system and ultimately it put me behind schedule until I could fix it (actually it seemed to fix itself after an hour or two). There were a lot of files to upload and edit so I’m not sure why I tweeted that the gallery would be offline for a ‘few’ hours lol.

So all you Bleach fans should be happy now. I am up to date with the series at last! Those Zanpakuto episodes are all in the Archived section now so only the new stuff is on the main Bleach section of the gallery. Also, after posting last time about updating Uraboku after it finished – I had assumed the series was only 13 episodes. It was only after that post that I learned that the series is about 24 episodes long. So now I’m behind with Uraboku! (Among other galleries…) On the plus side, I’ve finished another gallery yay!

I’m taking a week off from screencapping but will have an update next weekend.


Anime TV 07-Ghost – 2707 screencaps (Eps 19-25)(Gallery Complete)
Anime TV Bleach - 7907 screencaps (Eps 260-279)
Anime TV Kuroshitsuji II – 928 screencaps (Eps 2-3)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 421 screencaps (Ep 168)

Woohoo!!! Kuroshitsuji II has finally arrived! And of course, as I’ve said earlier in the year, I’m screencapping the series ^_^ I think I kind of got a bit carried away with the screencapping just for the first episode lol, but I just couldn’t resist, especially when a certain ‘special guest’ made an appearance towards the end of the episode! (Squeee!!!!) <3

Anyway, this is just a ‘regular’ update. The mass update (part 2) is still coming though I ended up being unhappy with the initial raws I had of Bleach that I’ve thrown them aside and have had to start again. Oh well, it will get done and hopefully I can get it done soon. I also haven’t forgotten Uraboku, despite no update for that series in a while. I’m waiting for the last episode to appear and then I’ll include it as either part of the next mass update or part of the regular update, whichever comes first lol.

Anime TV Kuroshitsuji II – 559 screencaps (Ep 01)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 771 screencaps (Eps 166-167)

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