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Lame Excuse No 275: Gah! Daylight Savings is messing everything up! First I start preparing the screencaps around 7pm and then as I start to upload Bleach I realise its almost 10pm!! Where the hell did the time go?

Okay so that was lame, however it is my excuse for only doing two screencaps updates instead of 4 (actually it should have been 6 but we won’t go into that…>_>) Anyway the two more popular series are up with their latest eps screencapped. I can see how they will obviously deviate from the main story a bit in Bleach. Looks like a new twist is being introduced. I think I’ve mentioned before that according to a number of sources, Eps 147 onwards are fillers though I don’t know for how long. And at last the first arc of Naruto Shippuuden is over and the new one begins. Sai makes his first true appearance and we hear him speak for the first time. This is what I love about the Japanese, they seem to get it right the first time when choosing the seiyuu to match the character.

So anyway sometime this week, maybe in the next couple of days I’ll do the other half of the update that was supposed to happen tonight… On another note, another category disappeared. I suppose if I didn’t write this then nobody would have noticed anyway but just in case you did.. its gone. I decided that apart from Bleach, Naruto and Gundam (and possibly Saiunkoku Monogatari) that I’d only upload screencaps from series that are no more than 26 episodes in length. This is mainly to keep the limited amount of web server space in check. Series that are bigger than this obviously end up taking up a lot of space, and add to it several large episode series then the website server gets overloaded. So I thought that this was the best option. For now anyway.

Anime TV Bleach - 130 screencaps (Ep 145)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 151 screencaps (Ep 032)

Only a small update today. Updated the screencaps gallery with more Lovely Complex and Kyo Kara Maoh. More calendars arrived today (one more parcel should be coming either tomorrow or the end of the week). I was intending to do the scans tonight but ended up updating the screencaps instead. I’m thinking it’ll be easier to do the scans over the weekend. I’ll see if I can scan all of the calendars in at once (long drawn out process…) and upload them hopefully by the end of the weekend. There may also be some screencaps upped to the gallery over the weekend.

Anime TV Lovely Complex – 101 screencaps (Ep 07)
Anime TV Lovely Complex – 83 screencaps (Ep 08)
Anime TV Lovely Complex – 99 screencaps (Ep 09)
DVD Kyo Kara Maoh! – 186 screencaps (Ep 02)

Aww you get some warm fuzzies when you watch the latest episode of Naruto Shippuuden! And then it goes all sad again… From what I remember of the manga, I think they did a bit more in the manga around Gaara’s ‘awakening’ than they did in the anime version. But they have stretched this arc out for an extremely long time and at last its over… unless they decide that the next episode will tidy up everything before moving onto the next arc. Speaking of which, the next arc is pretty exciting – new character joins the team (pain in the ass he is but still its good to see Naruto get riled up as usual) and of course we finally encounter Sasuke in this arc!! Oh yeah and Orochimaru too but he’s not that important (not to me anyway ).

Anyway, new screencaps have been added for four series today. There are also new opening clips for Naruto and Bleach so they’re up for you to check out, along with the opening clip for a new series called Juushin Enbu: Hero Tales – written by the same guy who created Fullmetal Alchemist. I’ll be uploading screencaps from that series shortly. Also I’m hoping to have some more calendar scans up before the end of the week – namely one new 2008 calendar and also the rest of the Bleach 2007 calendar, as I’ll be receiving 2, yes 2, Bleach 2008 calendars by the end of this week! (Along with the second Naruto Shippuuden 2008 Calendar). So the Image Gallery should get an update during the week (I hope!)

Anime TV Bleach - 145 screencaps (Ep 144)
Anime TV Clannad - 143 screencaps (Ep 02)
Anime TV Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – 160 screencaps (Ep 02)
Anime TV Naruto Shippuuden – 168 screencaps (Ep 031)
Movie Clips Bleach - Opening clip Ver 7
Movie Clips Juushin Enbu: Hero Tales – Opening clips
Movie Clips Naruto Shippuuden – Opening clip Ver 2

Well I messed around with the pages for a while to try and get it the way I wanted to, the Movie Clips page isn’t really the way I want it but it works for now. All of the movie clips pages are up so apart from a links page, the site is pretty much back to the way it was.. although its in wordpress instead of just general html

I’ve also discovered something horrible. But when I was going through all the RAW clips that I use for the screencaps gallery I discovered somewhere along the way my computer ate up a couple of the Shining Tears x Wind raws. Unfortunately the raws are no longer on the net for download, and the sub group released the series with hard subs not soft subs (I prefer to grab series where they are released as softsubs because it means I only have to download the series once!). So what does this mean? Well I could drop the series completely or upload the screencaps of the episodes I have and ignore the two that I lost. I’m leaning more towards dropping because it will free up space to add more series that hopefully I’ll make sure to have all the eps for (raw or softsubbed) but if you think I should keep it then let me know.

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